By: Caecent No-ot Magsumbol
Repost from The Freeman

CEBU CITY (January 1, 2023) —  With the New Year unfolding, Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama has appealed to Cebuanos to trust him and his plans.

“Trust your mayor, trust… I will repeat it, trust your mayor,” Rama said.

Mayor Rama. (PIO/File)

He said he only wants to make the services of the city government alive and to leave a legacy.

“I have no other intention but to give service alive, and you know — LAL — leaving a legacy,” said Rama.

Although it’s still his first term, he wants to get things done soon as he looks into a Singapore-like Cebu City.

“My mayorship, it’s my first term. I was looking at nine years, but wanting to do it in three years with SAM — storm, aggressive, massive,” said Rama.

Under his leadership, Rama has steered the city with numerous plans and projects in line with the “Gubat sa Baha” as one of the highlights.

The SRP loan has also been fully paid ahead of its due date. Now, Rama wants to showcase Cebu City further to possible investors by bringing the Sinulog Festival to the SRP for the first time.

At the City Hall alone, they started streamlining and taking steps to eradicate corruption.

I have no other intention but to give service alive, and you know — LAL — leaving a legacy.

Mayor Mike Rama

Just recently, the National Bureau of Investigation has filed plunder and other cases against several incumbent department heads owing to the anomalous garbage deal under the Labella administration.

Rama had already relieved those involved from their current posts and reassigned them to other departments.

Rama said he wished that the case will move faster as he expressed hope there will no other issues to come.

Mayor Mike Rama speaks during an interaction with media over the filing of a plunder complaint against a fewCity officials by the NBI, whose investigation he triggered. (𝙋𝙄𝙊/File)

“I wish the case will have to move faster and I do not wish that there will be more to come,” Rama stressed.

Rama said they will continue to aim for zero corruption in the City government.

He is set to meet with the department heads, especially the new officer-in-charge and discuss the new setup on how to go about the P50 billion budget for 2023 and zero corruption.

The City Council approved during its last regular session for the year the P50-billion annual budget for 2023. (PIO/Allan Cuizon)

“You cannot have an SG-like Cebu City, then we will have another shocking, revealing issue on integrity. It’s a desire to have zero corruption. Kung muingon sad kag minimize, you are like agreeing to corruption… So we might as well desire,” Rama said.

A busier year ahead is expected in 2023, but Rama said he needs everyone’s support.

“I cannot do it by myself. The wind beneath my wings are the people who believe in the Singapore-like Cebu City. It’s not my mission. I’m just articulating it, encapsulating it. I am only bringing it to the people… I’m only the messenger… In God  we trust, we will make it,” ended Rama.#