Meeting called to tackle landslides

BUSAY, Cebu City (Oct. 30, 2022)Preventive action by disaster frontliners three days yet ahead prevented any loss of life nor injuries in the landslide yesterday afternoon in Sitio Garahe, Barangay Busay.

Busay chieftain Ma. Christia “Ebing” Famador.

Busay village chieftain Ma. Christia “Ebing” Famador and her barangay responders already noted unusual earth surface movements during incessant rains that severe tropical storm (STS) Paeng brought to Cebu.

They advised residents along the hillside to evacuate as a preventive measure, according to Harold Alcontin, acting head of the City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO).

CDRRMO acting chief Alcontin.

“There were no casualties nor injuries when the landslide happened,” he said, but added Famador and her relatives and neighbors owned the 11 houses that it destroyed, affecting 15 families.

CCDRRMO quick response team (QRT) frontliners secured the area and immediate environs with barangay-based responders and barangay police security officers (BPSO), Alcontin disclosed.

They also assisted a team from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) that conducted an assessment at the area, he added.

Department of Social Welfare and Services (DSWS) personnel also distributed five kilos rice, some canned goods, packed meals and water to the affected families, he shared.

Other than house of the barangay captain, the victims CDRRMO and the DSWS listed included the houses of:

  1. Alona Famador
  2. Janeth Famador
  3. Perrie Famador
  4. Jenny Borres
  5. Fe Daboco
  6. Luzminda Arcillo
  7. Evangelyn Tagalog
  8. Mylen Mabini
Proactive. During the Oct. 29 morning meeting that underscored the need to be proactive to prevent or mitigate exigemcies. (CDRRMO photo)

Meanwhile, Mayor Rama called for a meeting tomorrow, Monday, Oct. 31, 10:00 AM, to tackle the landslides in Busay, Sirao, Agsungot, Pung-ol Sibugay and other areas.

Alcontin said he will recommend to the Mayor to declare Sitio Garahe off-limits and disallow construction of new structures, and to closely monitor at least 11 nearby houses that have remained anchored in place and ask residents not to return yet, expecially while the earth remains unstable.

Traffic flow along Busay road that forms part of the National Transcentral Highway will also be discussed during the meeting.

Other than CDRRMC attached offices, also called to the meeting are the city’s heads of the departments of Engineering and Public Works (DEPW), Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO), Building Official (OBO) Planning and Development Office (CPDO) and Traffic Office (CCTO).

The Mayor asked his executive secretary, Atty. Collin N. Rosell to preside with special assistant Atty. Jerone G. Castillo, and invited the regional and city offices of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). (PIO/cte)

More images at the Sitio Garahe, Busay landslide site. (CDRRMO photos)

Netizen Makmak Diaz shares thses images taken in Sirao.

Councilor Jerry Guardo shared these photos taken near Kabayuan in Barangay Agsungot from resident Dodong Viola who sought for assistance.