By Jose Santino Bunachita 
PIO Reporter

CEBU CITY (October 3, 2022) — As he finishes his first 100 days in office, Mayor Rama reported to the people today his accomplishments that include strides in the city’s Gubat sa Baha, investment marketing, and the BARUG CEBU CITY platform.

Mayor Mike Rama . (PIO/Ruel Rosello)

Vice Mayor Garcia, in his opening remarks, said their administration’s first 100 days have been productive and fruitful.

“In such a relatively short span of time, the city has already achieved so much. Indeed, we’ve already begun the work of making our mayor’s vision to be a Singapore-like Cebu City a reality,” he said.

The mayor delivered his report at the Plaza Sugbo grounds in front of City Hall’s Legislative Building, which he said always makes him emotional. 

He called for unity and support in his continued quest towards a Singapore-like Cebu City, transcending factions and political colors

“I’m not looking for a BOPK, Kusug, Panaghiusa, the Labella Group, the Team Rama Group, none. I have my marching orders; we have a mission. And the mission is a Singapore-like Cebu City. No political colors,” he said in his speech.

Vice Mayor Raymond Alvin N. Garcia. (PIO/Ruel Rosello)

The mayor took time to individually acknowledge guests who attended the program. They included Vice Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia, city councilors, consuls, members of the Rama clan, business leaders, police personnel, department heads, and city government employees.

An audio-video presentation was played prior to the mayor’s speech, chronicling the numerous achievements and projects his administration has accomplished since they started in July 1.

One of the highlights is the city’s Gubat sa Baha that has gained traction with the leadership of former Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu.

The task force has already marked around 3,000 out of 12,000 estimated structures that are encroaching in the easements of rivers and waterways in the city.

I’m not looking for a BOPK, Kusug, Panaghiusa, the Labella Group, the Team Rama Group, none. I have my marching orders; we have a mission. And the mission is a Singapore-like Cebu City. No political colors.

Mayor Mike Rama

The mayor has already directed the task force to pursue the removal of these structures, especially those owned by private businesses. He assured there are no “sacred cows” in this endeavor.

As to his investment begging activities in Metro Manila, the mayor pointed out that when he started his administration, the city had limited funds with the revenue from the sale of the SRP lots already earmarked and allocated for other projects.

So far, the mayor and his team have raised at least P1 billion from seven private developers to help finish the Cebu City Medical Center.

Mayor Mike Rama during one of the Task Force Gubat sa Baha meetings at the Office of the Mayor Conference Hall. (PIO/File)

Over P800 million in pledges to build medium-rise buildings in the city were also gathered.

A fiscal task force has been formed to conduct reappraisal of properties to increase real estate taxes and pursue budget reforms to generate more funds for the city.

To help with the city’s “ambitious” plans to become Singapore-like, Mayor Rama also continuously connects with the national government to bring in more funds for the city.

Mayor Mike Rama’s (left) wish to complete the Cebu City Medical Center inches closer to reality as business tycoon Manny V. Pangilinan (2nd from left) commits to fund P100 million to complete one whole floor of the facility. (PIO/File)

Mayor Rama said he wants to meet with the city’s Representatives Eduardo “Edu” Rama, Jr. and Rachel “Cutie” Del Mar to ask for their help in this.

“I would like to sit down with the two of them and bring them to be a part of a Singapore-like Cebu City,” he said.

He explained that he wants the two representatives to lobby for programs and projects for the city that will be in line with what his administration is prioritizing.

Mayor Mike Rama and President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos, Jr. affirm in a simple gesture their unity and solidarity for Cebu City and the country when both met over dinner in Pasay City last June 7. (PIO/ File)

Mayor Rama also reported that President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. has also assured national government support to the city, during the several occasions that they have met in the capital.

The mayor likewise highlighted how the City was able to accomplish the remaining projects under the 21 Gun Salute projects which he and then vice mayor Donaldo “Dondon” Hontiveros identified when they started their ascended terms late last year.

These included curing the joint venture agreement with Megawide Construction Corp. for the Carbon Market Redevelopment Project, fully paying last August 23 the remaining balance of the South Road Properties (SRP) loan, convening the Mobility Summit, and realizing the long-delayed Cebu Bus Rapid Transit project.

The other accomplishments the mayor reported included:

  • Beautification of streets, parks, and sidewalks;
  • Pushing for the Guadalupe ramp access to the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway;
  • Start of construction of seven bridges connecting SRP to the mainland;
The locations of the proposed South Road Properties bridges, as identified by the Cebu City Planning and Development Office.
  • Continue negotiations for 93-1 lots;
  • Re-blocking of fire-stricken areas;
  • Flared intersections;
  • Establish central food productions for rice and corn;
  • Complete the long overdue revision of property and business taxes;
  • Pursue plans for a Cebu City College;

A perspective of the proposed Cebu City College campus, which is one of the targets of the Rama-Garcia administration within the next three years.
  • Empower barangay captains to act like mayors in implementing clearing operations and the Oplan Disiplina;
  • Establish Cebu City Hall satellite centers in the north and south districts;
  • Continue verifying and cleansing the list of senior citizens and PWDs;
  • Upgrade the operations floors of the new CCMC;
Mayor Mike Rama has called the Cebu City Medical Center the “Poor Man’s Hospital with Rich Man’s Services, Love, Care, Compassion Assured’, as he wants it very affordable to the poorest of the poor yet delivering quality service comparable to that by private hospitals. (PIO/File)
  • Broke ground for the resurrection of the Freedom Park;
  • Asphalt seven kilometers of city streets;
  • Put up public wifi in 50 barangays;
  • Update the Local Public Transport Route Plan;
  • Organize the Cebu City Youth Development Council. #