By Jose Santino Bunachita
PIO Reporter

QUEST HOTEL, Cebu City (August 24, 2022) — City officials started here today their three-day workshop for the formulation of the city’s Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) and Capacity Development Agenda (CapDev).

The executive department, headed by City Administrator Engr. Suzanne Ardosa, and the legislative department, headed by Vice Mayor Raymond Alvin Garcia, are expected to collaborate in formulating and finalizing the city’s policy direction (ELA) for the next three years.

City Administrator Suzanne Ardosa (third from left) leads the side of the City’s executive department while the legislative side is led by Acting Mayor Raymond Alvin N. Garcia (not in the picture) for the three-day formulation workshop held at the Quest Hotel and Conferences- Cebu. (PIO/Allan Defensor)

Another expected output is a Capacity Development Agenda (CapDev), which will detail which interventions need to be done in a certain office to achieve desired outcomes.

“Through this workshop, we will discuss the thrusts of the executive and legislative (departments) and plan out what’s best for the City of Cebu,” said Atty. Kim Esmeña of the Office of the Mayor.

Vice Mayor Raymond Alvin N. Garcia. (PIO/File)

Different department heads and office heads of the executive department attended the workshop. On the side of the legislative department, the different councilors were also there.

The legislative department already held its own legislative agenda workshop last week.

In this week’s three-day workshop, the city officials will talk about the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the City.

They will also discuss Mayor Mike Rama’s BARUG CEBU CITY administrative platform, in relation to his vision for a “Singapore-like Cebu City”.

Today, the officials identified and discussed the different challenges across the four sectoral topics (social, economic, environmental, institutional) of the City Government.

Tomorrow, the group will finalize their respective ELA formulation, discussing development programs, projects, activities, and legislations.

The ELA will lay down the policy direction for both executive and legislative bodies of the City Government while the CapDev Agenda will which will detail which interventions need to be done in a certain office. (PIO/Allan Defensor)

They will then continue on determining the capacity needs and come up with demand-driven trainings for city government offices and personnel.

On the last day, the officials will synthesize their workshop outputs and will sign a pledge of commitment to implementing the ELA Agenda and CapDev Agenda. #